10 Must-See Hidden Gems in Denver

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Did you know that there’s a Hawaiian barbecue in Denver that can transport your taste buds to the islands?

How about a place where you can go skydiving without a plane?

What about a prohibition-themed bar that’s disguised as a bookstore?

The city offers a whole lot more too… if you know where to look.

It’s no secret that Denver is a very desirable place to live. Our city regularly takes the #1 position on a variety of different research group’s lists of best places to live in the country. Sometimes, it seems like we really do have it all—clean mountain air, friendly people, music, food, and more outside activities than you can shake a stick at.

Even folks who don’t live here have heard of the botanic gardens or the downtown aquarium, and these places are awesome, but there’s lots of other great attractions that don’t get a similar amount of press. Today I’d like to share with you ten amazing “hidden gems” in the Mile High City, ranging from fantastic places to eat, where to see the most stunning views, and outdoor retreats so serene that you might forget you’re in a major metropolitan area at all.

Let’s see what the city has to offer:

#1 – Forest Room 5

Forest Room 5 is a family friendly restaurant and lounge at 2532 15th Street with an amazingly rustic, “woodsy” decor. The distinctly unique atmosphere features an outdoor sitting area, fire pits, and a real creek. The ridiculously affordable menu of delicious offerings at this hidden gem brings out the crowds, so you may need to have a reservation, especially on weekends. Don’t forget to check out check out their quirky website.

#2 – iFLY Colorado

iFLY Colorado at 9230 Park Meadows Drive is an indoor skydiving facility… and boy is it fun! This safe and affordable family activity allows you to feel what it’s like to skydive without, you know, actually jumping out of a plane.

#3 – L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

This Hawaiian barbecue and cuisine restaurant on 14221 East Cedar Avenue in Aurora is truly a hidden gem. It would be easy enough to drive past and not think twice, but hungry patrons in-the-know stop by to get their fill of uniquely delicious island dishes. It’s a taste of the tropics right here at home!

#4 – Sun Spa

Sun Spa, conveniently located at 1057 South Wadsworth in Lakewood, is a true full service spa. Just about anything you could imagine for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation can be found at this upscale, well-liked location, including hair and skin care, tanning beds, massage, and even an oxygen bar.

#5 – Byers-Evans House Museum

Denver is home to many excellent museums, including the world-famous Molly Brown House Museum, home of the Titanic survivor. A museum without quite as much notoriety—but just as historically fascinating—is the Byers-Evans House Museum at 1310 Bannock Street.

The home was originally owned by Williams Byers, the Rocky Mountain News publisher before passing hands to William Gray Evans, who worked for the Denver Tramway Company. The house shows a very clear image of what living in Denver during the late 1800s would have been like. It’s a must-see for residents and visitors!

#6 – The Dikeou Collection

For truly interesting art experience, you don’t want to miss a showing at the Dikeou Collection. Entry is free and the venue features paintings, photography, sculptures, and more. Learn more about this venue or swing by at 1615 California Street for a truly unique experience in contemporary art.

#7 – Felt Billiards

If you or anyone in your family is “into” pool, you know just how particular serious players can be about finding a venue with good tables, atmosphere, and like-minded pool aficionados. Felt Billiards in Englewood has over 20 tournament-quality pool tables, making it a local favorite for professionals and hobbyists alike. There’s also other games like foosball, pinball, and more, plus a full menu of great food.

#8 – Williams and Graham Book Sellers

Williams and Graham doesn’t actually sell books. This prohibition-themed bar offers one of the most fun ways to spend a night out. When you enter the bar at 3160 Tejon Street, you’ll walk into what really does look like a bookstore. You’ll be greeted, asked to see your ID, and then taken through a hidden door in a bookshelf. How amazing is that?

Once inside, you’ll have access to beers, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, and great food. Be sure to book larger groups in advance, since just like during prohibition, the seating areas hold an intimate 55 patrons.

#9 – Crepes n’ Crepes

Conveniently located at 1512 Larimer, Crepes n’ Crepes obviously has crepes. They’re great and offer unique flavor options (roasted red pepper sauce on a crepe is surprisingly delicious). But stop by in the morning to meet the secret star of the show: pressured coffee that’s some of the best java in the city. A second location is also open in Cherry Creek.

#10 – Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours

All right, maybe it’s just a little touristy, but whether you’re relocating to Denver or if you’ve been a lifelong resident, spending an afternoon on one of “Banjo Billy’s” unforgettable bus tours is an extremely fun, unique way to learn about the history of the city. The bus itself is modeled to look like a run-down log cabin.

Discover Even More About Denver

Denver is a big city with a small-town vibe. Since I’m originally from a small town myself, I think this is probably what drew me to it in the first place. If you enjoyed reading about these hidden gems, know that these great destinations are only the tip of the iceberg for those who live in Denver full time.

I’d love to tell you more about the city and what it’s like to live here (tip: it’s great!). Communication and commitment are the cornerstones of my business, so please feel welcomed and encouraged to contact me today by dialing (303) 525-2425.

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