How the New Tax Bill Affects You as a Homeowner

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How the 2018 tax bill affects homeowners

On December 22nd, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, or H.R. 1, and the president subsequently signed the act into law. This new tax bill affects nearly all taxpayers, but the pertinent question we’d like to explore today is how mortgage holders are affected. The act can be read in its entirety here on Since the new … Read More

The Top 5 Most Festive Yearly Holiday Events in Boulder

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annual holiday events boulder colorado

What better way could there be than to spend the holidays at the foot of the Rockies? Few places are quite like Colorado in terms of holiday ambiance and charm, and Boulder is no exception. With a long history and plenty of holiday cheer, many families consider it one of the most welcoming, activity-packed destinations in the state to enjoy … Read More

Must-See Christmas 2017 Events in Denver

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denver christmas events 2017

Denver is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the country. Really, it is—the Mile High City is home to so many fun, family-friendly holiday events that you probably couldn’t attend them all even if you tried. Whether you’re just visiting or you’re considering relocating to Denver, the events we’ll explore below will convince you that our great … Read More

5 Totally Free Family Activities in Broomfield, Colorado

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The city of Broomfield is something of a “hidden gem” in Colorado. Why? For one, it’s super conveniently located, giving you easy access to the northern Denver metro. Aurora, Lakewood, and Denver are all a stone’s throw away. You can also reach smaller towns that are excellent to explore like Lewisville and Lafayette, and the commute to Boulder is a … Read More

The Cyclist’s Guide to Boulder

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Boulder is one of the best cities in Colorado for cyclists to live, play, and ride in. The clean mountain air, plentiful trails, and (generally!) respectful motorists have marked the ever-growing college town as a favorite for athletes and hobbyists alike. If you’re considering moving to Boulder, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cycle for fun, exercise, … Read More

The Dog Owner’s Guide to Boulder

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If dogs could suggest a new place to live for their owners, there’s a pretty good chance they’d enthusiastically say (or bark), “Boulder!” No, really. They probably would. Boulder, Colorado is one of the best places in the country to be if you’re a dog, and it isn’t half bad for people, either! The city maintains a small town feel … Read More

10 Must-See Hidden Gems in Denver

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Did you know that there’s a Hawaiian barbecue in Denver that can transport your taste buds to the islands? How about a place where you can go skydiving without a plane? What about a prohibition-themed bar that’s disguised as a bookstore? The city offers a whole lot more too… if you know where to look. It’s no secret that Denver … Read More

Drive The Neighborhood

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Map of the Area Brandon Realty Denver Area Colorado

Finding the right home involves more than just finding the right property. The location plays an important role as well. The last thing you want is to be dazzled into buying what looks like a dream home, only to discover later on that the location makes it inconvenient to get to work, school and other activities. So when you see … Read More

Making Sure You Get What You Need

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what you need Brandon Realty Denver area colorado

When you’re shopping for a new home, it’s a good idea to create a checklist of what you want and what you need. It keeps you on track to ultimately find the property that best fits your requirements — and those of your family. However, there’s a big difference between want and need that is important to understand when house … Read More